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Illuminate Geomedia Marketing Services brings your marketing tools together to best represent important details about you by simply clicking on a pin on a GIS map!

About Geomedia MarketingGeomedia is a natural point for communications specialists to land on these days. By simply keeping abreast of the best resources in marketing, it is pretty hard to ignore Geomedia as an incredibly strong marketing tool by which to share information in which location is a factor. The fact that you can load up the pages of a Geographic Information Systems map with as many links as you like, and have extra pictures, videos, real estate listings to choose from with a click of a GIS Map pin is too irresistible. It is very exciting to be able to take all the different elements that comprise a marketing campaign and create a pop-up page that contains the most pertinent links and information about a client.

After years of being both a marketer of businesses, properties, events, products, services, and more through copywriting, graphics and web design, and audio/video editing, and a consumer who ‘Googles’ directions, services, and items within close proximity to where we live, it is quite obvious that Google maps prove their value constantly. Google maps have become second nature for many companies and organizations and are valuable marketing tools in which to be found. From the point of view of a communications specialist, GIS maps are the wave of the future for the real estate market or any business in which location is of paramount importance.

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When you use Illuminate Geomedia Marketing Services, you are getting years of experience in writing, design, concept, and the ability to use WordPress, many programs in the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Content Marketing software, and various other programs used by individuals to share their message one way or the other. The content is everything! The goal is to make you and your offerings look good while fulfilling the role of solid Search Engine Optimization to make sure you get noticed by your target audience. Effective, concise writing using key search words is a huge focus by us for your communications.

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