Elements to display on interactive GIS maps

Read up on factors and elements to display on interactive GIS maps to share information about residential and commercial properties, neighbourhoods, and cities.

A well-informed potential client makes completing the sales aspect and transaction process easier and quicker. Coming from an advertising background rather than a statistical analysis of factors, Illuminate Geomedia focuses on conveying the content and assets of a property or service, in the most visually pleasing, professional, and descriptive way. A combination of seasoned skills in copywriting, design, photography, and video brings it all together to present properties, services, or events in a succinct and stylish way.

The following categories represent factors and elements that affect decisions made in the real estate market of buyers, sellers, or renters. You can choose to display the factors most relevant to your purposes to populate a custom-made pop-up pin on interactive GIS maps. The possibilities are bountiful when it comes to uploading details to represent and analyze homes, neighbourhoods, communities, economic factors, and much more.

General Factors:

Retail and grocery stores

Health Resources


Sports Facilities

Parks and Recreation

Community and Youth Services

Entertainment Complexes





Aerial Views

Roadways and Commuting Routes

Public Transportation



Solid Waste Collection and Facilities

Stormwater Management and Infrastructure

Recycling Facilities

Police and Fire Departments

Emergency and Disaster Response

Natural Resources, Flood Zones


Job Market and Business Resources

Government Services and Departments

Volunteer and Support Groups

Events and Convention Centres

Comparing Values of similar properties within close proximity

Property Assets

Floor Plans

Square Footage of building and property

Number of rooms

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

Tax assessments

Land Use and Zoning


Other Factors for Analysis and Comparison

Vacancy Rates

Commercial Appraisals

Residential Appraisals

Development and Growth

Insights of market patterns


Demographics and Diversity

Lifestyles and Statistical Analysis

Spatial Analysis research



Links to Websites with other pertinent details

Geocoding and Integration

Tourism sites

Elements to display on interactive GIS maps

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