GIS Map of Documentary Films

GIS Map of Documentary Films from Around the World

Mark Terry is a filmmaker, writer, teacher and PhD Candidate who has created an international collection of documentary films on a GIS Map. He has pinned feature-length, award-winning, social issue documentaries according to the cities, countries or regions in which they take place. Mark selected films which primarily represent these areas, visually, and culturally. The films also represent artistic excellence, having won major international awards and critical acclaim. Mark chose films from each area to represent, as much as possible due to availability, a temporal spectrum dating back to 1895. Not only does the map provide an overview of current issues, it also reveals the evolvement of the documentary film over the years which has benefitted from the affordances provided by new digital technology and methodology.

It is a remediated form of the documentary film which Mark calls a “Geo-Doc”: Geographic Information System maps being used on an overall comparative and documentary level, depicting the director’s vision of actual geographical locations around the world and the social issues affecting the people in these places. GIS maps prove to be an inventive way to zone in on the area of the world which most interests the viewer.

Click on a pin to view this GIS Map of Documentary Films representing each country.

GIS Map of Documentary Films

Along with international feature-length documentaries, you can also view another GIS map of documentary films made in much shorter formats. Students from around the world submitted three to five-minute film projects to the Youth Climate Report created by Mark Terry in conjunction with the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. Each year, students are given a choice of two subjects on which to focus, to help inform the world on issues affecting climate change, sustainability, pollution, water, and more.

Mark Terry wrote, produced and directed the documentary films, The Antarctica Challenge – A Global Warning and The Polar Explorer among other projects. See a list of his academic accomplishments at, which includes papers and speeches on climate change and how Mark’s reimagining of GIS maps are an evolving form of the interactive documentary.

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