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Geomedia Services for Marketing PropertyIlluminate – Geomedia Marketing Services creates custom-made GIS maps to highlight locations of interest.

Using Geographic Information System maps is not just how we find a location, but various details. Anything number of subjects can be displayed via a GIS Map pin expanding the logos, descriptions, photos, videos, reports, links to property listings, local transportation, schools, retail, and entertainment highlights. It is extremely advantageous to be able to control the content of your own map where you can list properties, events, organizations, neighbourhood facilities, and worldwide resources.

 One of the first things online searchers do is type their subject matter into Google, or another search engine, to see what kind of services or resources are available to us. With every Google map, we can see the name contact information, link to the website, reviews, and a photo. With your own custom-made GIS map, you can expand the number of your details available to the public.

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Marketing through GIS Mapping is here to stay. The capabilities of this system are vast when you take into consideration the comparison aspect. Corporations and organizations can use the GIS map as a tool for keeping track of activities at their various locations and share them with interested parties. The map also acts as a home for your database and marketing elements which you can build up with every new piece of information to wish to share. The information is also exportable, allowing you to have your marketing tools, links, etc. built up via your database and applied to other platforms and social media. Geomedia can produce specific marketing elements or an entire branding package for various aspects of your marketing campaign.


How many times have we heard this is the key to the Real Estate market? This why Geomedia Marketing is an absolutely perfect way to promote properties for sale or rent. A neighbourhood and what it has to offer, its proximity to work is so important when choosing a space to live.  Viewing a map and being able to click on a pin in the area people are interested in makes the process quick and easy to continue exploring more pins.

With Illuminate Geomedia Marketing Services, you can benefit from years of experience in the field of advertising and communications. Services include web and graphic design, photography, audio/video editing and copywriting, reports, charts, and graphs. Design elements are produced with your entire branding package to work with other media and aspects of your advertising campaign. Other marketing elements created or sourced for you include photographs, video and audio, and audio elements.

Geomedia Real Estate MarketingIlluminate Geomedia Marketing Services creates online video channels employing SEO and effective descriptions of the videos and channels in mind to promote properties and other assets. These are shared with Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media pages, etc.  Social media updates and blogs are carefully created to make the most out of your chance to network.

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